Existing or New Construction?

Each Have Their Place...We help you choose what is best for you.


Existing Homes

Existing homes are great if there is a specific location that you just have to have, or if there is a specific lifestyle that you need i.e. friends and family already in the neighborhood.

We work hard to uncover the best homes that meet your needs, even homes that aren't on the market.

Once we find your home and negotiate the best deal for you, we hold your hand throughout the entire purchase. From physical inspections and appraisals to closing, we ensure that you understand each step ahead of schedule and are comfortable with the entire process.

We've also sold nearly 80 renovated homes aka "flips" so we're a pretty good judge of the amount of work a house might need. If you love the home, great. We'll just make sure that you go into it with open eyes and solid expectations.


New Construction

We operate www.NewHomeTheory.com to market our services to homebuyers who are interested in New Construction Homes.

We do not work for the Builder (Seller). We work directly with homebuyers as their Realtor, just as we do when showing existing homes. The great part is that the Builder pays our fee just as any other Seller, but the price to you stays the same.

We help you compare builders, communities, locations, floor plans etc. so that you can make informed, logical, and educated decisions.

To date, we have helped over 300 families purchase brand new homes.