More than brokerage.

We are honored to be considered consultants and advisors by many of our clients. This trust is built through transactions over time, two things we do not take lightly.  

We are as quick to tell a homeowner to stay put as we are to tell them to sell, depending on their goal. We pride ourselves on playing the long game, which means that we simply have your best interests at heart.

Our job is simply to help you accomplish your goals...whatever those might be.

The bottom line is that the buck stops with us. We are responsible to make sure that the sale of your house closes. This means we'll even manage the buyer's process just in case their Realtor isn't as experienced. "Whatever it takes" is our motto.


Strategies That Work

We don't sit around and wait for other Realtors on the MLS to sell our listings...anyone can do that.

We find buyers:

  • Set sales price according to the market (within reason).
  • Implement customized Facebook advertising to target buyers in your area with pictures, video, and compelling copy (new school method that actually works but few agents do).
  • Circle prospect which essentially means calling every home in your community to uncover family and friends of your neighbors who might like to move there (old school method that still works but few agents do).

List With Us & Pack Your Bags!

If we price correctly and follow our advertising strategy, your home will sell. Go ahead and pack your bags and get ready to schedule the moving truck.

Also, we'll get to work immediately looking for your next home.